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Away 2001

Matchprepared (player unknown) 27.02.01 POR đŸ‡”đŸ‡č : AND đŸ‡ŠđŸ‡© 3-0

Manufacturer: Reebok

Source: Collector


The turn of the millennium was the time when Andorra’s young football federation made their first experiences in international football and for the first time was able to compete on the highest level.

Their first World Cup qualification campaign was particularly successful, however:

10 games, 10 defeats and a goal difference of minus 35.

But the team made some small achievements:

Three narrow defeats against Estonia and Cyprus and an honorable goal against the star-studded Portuguese.

Being chanceless on the pitch didn’t mean the team also looked bad! Responsible for the flashy apparel was American manufacturer Reebok, who provided fantastic looking kits in the Andorran tricolor. In 2000, Andorra’s team was using a simpler design, but in 2001 they switched to a more striking model.

While replicas of the yellow home shirt were apparently sold, the blue away model was rarely used. The blue long-sleeved version that I was able to acquire with the help of a fellow collector was only used in the game against Portugal in February 2001.

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet been able to find out if my shirt was actually worn during the match or for whom it was even prepared.

Andorra during their 3-0 loss against Portugal in 2001.

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