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Matchworn 22.-29.06.98 AND đŸ‡ŠđŸ‡© : EST đŸ‡ȘđŸ‡Ș 0-2, AZE 🇩🇿 0-0, LVA đŸ‡±đŸ‡» 0-2, LTU đŸ‡±đŸ‡č0-4

(Player unknown)

Manufacturer: Reusch

Source: Small ads


With now thirty Andorra jerseys in my collection, it becomes increasingly difficult to write something interesting about Andorran football.

In 1998, Andorra’s national team was still in its infancy. Only having played a total of three matches before 1998, the team would start into their first “proper” year of international football, participating in their ever qualification campaign for a major tournament: the EURO 2000. In order to adequately prepare for this task, Andorra played five friendly matches:

A match in France against Brazil’s superstars, which Andorra lost 3-0, as well as four matches in Tallinn, namely against Estonia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, and Lithuania. While three of the matches were lost, the Andorrans managed a respectable draw against Azerbaijan.


The shirt by German manufacturer “Reusch” was worn in those aforementioned four friendly games, however, I haven’t been able to find out which player wore the number 17.

The design is based on a yellow template with shiny stars incorporated into the fabric. The numbers and the federation badge are printed with thick paint, while the Reusch logo is made from a felt-like material.

I was lucky to receive this shirt in an absolutely immaculate condition! As it’s only the fourth shirt, the country has ever used, which means that I “merely” have to get three Andorra shirts that are older, to add to my collection. So, if you find any ancient Andorra jerseys in your grandma’s attic, you know whom to contact ;-) !

Andorra before their game against Azerbaijan in 1998

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