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Away 2005/06

Matchworn by Gabi Riera 04.06.05 CZE 🇹🇿 : AND đŸ‡ŠđŸ‡© 8 - 1

Manufacturer: Diadora

Source: Collector


June 4th 2005 wasn’t a good day for Andorran football. Being one of the smallest teams in Europe, Andorra has always proved to be a worthy opponent even against bigger teams.

The Czech Republic, however, was just out of Andorra’s league that day. Against a squad that bristled with international stars such as Tomas Rosicky, Peter Cech, Jan Koller and Pavel Nedved, Andorra didn’t stand a chance and ultimately conceived eight goals.

A gleam of hope was Gabi Riera’s 36th minute goal, which set the score to 2-1. However, the joy lasted only briefly, as Vladimir Smicer increased the score to 3-1 only a minute later, eventually leading to the highest defeat in Andorra’s football history.

Originating from this particular match, the shirt was worn by goal scorer Gabi Riera.

While it’s a nice looking design made by Diadora, the fabric feels quite elastic yet not very breathable. Moreover, the prints aren’t in high quality and already have significant cracks. The same design was worn by clubs like AS Roma, Watford and Preston North End.

You can read about a player that may have even worse memories of the game in this article.

Andorra's Gabi Riera in a match against the Czech Republic, which ultimately became Andorra's biggest loss to date.

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