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Goalkeeper 2005/06

Matchworn by "Koldo" Álvarez 04.06.05 CZE 🇹🇿 : AND đŸ‡ŠđŸ‡© 8 - 1

Manufacturer: Diadora

Source: Collector


I already talked extensively about June 4th 2005, the day that Andorra conceived their highest defeat to date, in my article about my matchworn Gabi Riera shirt. While Riera might have kept the date in good memory, as he scored his only goal for the national team, goalkeeper “Koldo” Álvarez begs to differ.

JesĂșs Luis Álvarez de Eulate GĂŒergue, known as “Koldo”, is considered one of the finest players Andorra has ever yielded and was even selected as Andorra's “Golden Player” by the Andorran Football Federation as their most outstanding player of the past 50 years. The former AtlĂ©tico Madrid keeper (unfortunately, he never played a game for “Los Colchoneros”) has made 78 appearances for his team, whereby his final international match against England in 2009 is widely regarded as his finest performance. Despite trailing 0-6, Koldo saved his team from an even higher defeat and was awarded with standing ovations from the opposing fans.

Since 2010, Koldo serves as the national team’s head coach. In his 75 games as a coach, Koldo has led his team to two competitive victories, namely against Hungary and Moldova, as well as two victories in exhibition matches (against San Marino and Liechtenstein).

The Diadora shirt that Koldo supposedly wore during Andorra’s 8-1 defeat against the Czech Republic is made out of the same strange fabric as the players version. It also features ten shiny circles on top of which the number is printed. Like my other matchworn Diadora shirt, the 2006 World Cup patch has come off – probably because of the questionable quality of the fabric.

While the shirt certainly doesn’t hold many good memories for Koldo, it is without a doubt a fantastic addition to my Andorra collection.

Andorra's goalkeeper Koldo Álvarez right before a penalty against the Czech Republic

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