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Goalkeeper 1997/98

Matchworn (player and game unknown)

Manufacturer: Adidas

Source: Collector


Goalkeeper jerseys in the 90s were wild! You don‘t believe me?

Well, imagine a colorful map of stars on which a massive football with a tail of fire is about to smash into the moon, while in one corner a kangaroo and an emu hold an oversized shield.

What sounds like a crazy fever dream is possibly the most spectacular football jersey design ever!

Made by Adidas as a template design, it was also worn by the New Zealand and Macau national teams in the mid-90s, among others. The most famous is probably the version worn by the Australian national team between 1997 and 1998. Initially without a crest, the Australian coat of arms was later sewn onto the jersey, which at that time was not yet allowed to appear on the national team's fan shirts.

Like every jersey collector who has ever laid eyes on this shirt, I also badly wanted to add it to my collection. That's why I was incredibly pleased when it was offered to me by a super nice Australia collector who received it from a former Australian national player.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to prove exactly when and by whom this jersey was worn. The number 36 of course points to a substitute goalkeeper (probably even the fourth), but could also be from the U20 national team.

Be that as it may, this jersey is definitely from another star and will no doubt always be an absolute highlight in my collection!

Australia's goalkeeper Mark Bosnich wearing the shirt without a badge in 1997.

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