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Third 2019/20

Manufacturer: Unknown

Source: Gift from the Belize Football Federation



If you ever have the chance to visit the beautiful country of Belize, you definitely should! Picturesque landscapes, gorgeous nature, wonderful beaches, great food and friendly and laid-back people!

While football is quite popular in Belize, the national football team is actually the weakest team in Central America. With a population of just above 300,000 people they are also by far the least populated country in that area. Despite all that, “The Jaguars”, as they call themselves, managed to qualify for the 2013 Gold Cup, where they lost all their three group matches. Nevertheless, a respectful success for such a small country.


This jersey holds a special place in my collection as it was gifted to me personally by Women’s U-17 Coach and Director of Women’s Football, Iris Centeno. While on vacation if Belize, I was desperately looking for a Belize jersey. When I decided to make a quick stop at the Belize Football Federation in Belmopan, I was told that Belize jerseys were not for sale as they didn’t have a manufacturer and therefore weren’t allowed to sell them. To the rescue comes Iris Centeno, who I accidentally met outside of the facilities. She was eager to help me and offered me the very shirt she was wearing! She went to her room, changed her shirt and gifted me this one for my collection! Thanks again for our help and generosity! And all the best for the Belize women’s football team!

The shirt itself is very basic and has no manufacturer but a really nice sewn badge. This design was worn by various of their national teams in different colors.

The blue shirt was primarily worn by the women's national team and the youth teams. The red one, however, was also worn by the men's national team.

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