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Matchworn Roberto Sorella 06.08.95 GER đŸ‡©đŸ‡Ș : CAN 🇹🇩 3-0

Manufacturer: Score

Source: Collector


O Canada! Land of hockey, grizzly bears and maple syrup.

Like their less educated neighbors to the south, Canadian sports revolve relatively little around football – or “soccer” as they like to call it. Nevertheless, the Canadian national team surprisingly managed to qualify for the 1986 World Cup, where they were eliminated with no points.

Their supposed golden generation reached the final round of the World Cup again in 2022, losing all of their group games as well.


The history of this jersey tells a similar story:

In 1995, the Canadian U-17 national team qualified for the World Cup in Ecuador. In a group with Brazil, Germany and Oman, the chances of reaching the next round were slim. And so it came to pass: as with the senior team in 1986, the Canadians lost all three games and left the tournament without any points.

At least they lost in style, as the national jersey, produced by the American manufacturer "Score", was certainly one of the most beautiful ones in the tournament.

What exactly is going on at the top of the jersey, only the designer can answer. Almost hidden among the wild geometrical shapes is a small badge of the Canadian Soccer Association.

The badge has also been worked into the fabric countless times, giving the shirt that typical 90s look.

It was worn by Roberto Sorella, who played for the Canadian U-17 national team since 1994. However, little can be found on the internet about his career.

Canada's Under-17 team before their game against Germany, during the 1995 U17 World Cup

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