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Away 2019

Matchworn Mohamed El-Fardou 14.11.2019 TOG đŸ‡č🇬 : COM 🇰đŸ‡Č 0-1

Manufacturer: Eldera

Source: Player



The Comoros is an archipelago located between the African mainland and Madagascar. Depending on whom you ask, the country consists of three, respectively four, islands, with the contested island of Mayotte being a French overseas department. Of course, Comorians see things differently, so they put Mayotte on their football badge.

Up to 2022, Comorian football history was rather uneventful, with the country continuously ranking in the lower half of the FIFA table.

Named after a prehistoric fish once believed to be extinct, but then being rediscovered in Comorian waters, Les Coelacantes (The Coelacanths) started building their squad around mostly French-based players with Comorian heritage, in order to form a competitive team.

Leaving behind Kenya and Togo in their qualification group for the 2021/22 Africa Cup of Nations, the Comoros qualified arguably as the underdogs of the tournament. The Coelacanths started the tournament with two narrow losses against Gabon and Morocco, before shattering Ghana’s title aspirations by beating them 3-2. With three points earned, the Comoros were among the best four third-placed teams, thus advancing to the round of 16 and writing yet another piece of Comorian football history.

Meanwhile, that whole pandemic continued to do its thing, affecting sporting events around the globe. The Comoros squad was hit pretty badly, causing them to lose all of their goalkeepers for the biggest game in the country’s history, where they would face the tournament’s host Cameroon. Foul play was suspected, as their third goalkeeper Ali Ahamada was tested negative before the game, yet, he wasn’t allowed to take the field by officials.

With no goalkeeper in their squad, left-back Chaker Alhadhur, with a height of just 1,71 meters, was chosen as make-shift solution. Since also many outfield players were tested positive for COVID-19, the Comoros could only play the match with seven substitutes.

While many people expected them to be battered by the “indomitable lions” of Cameroon, the Comoros put up an amazing fight and, despite conceiving a red card after just 7 minutes, almost managed to take the game into extra time. Although, Chaker Alhadhur evidently didn’t act like a trained goalkeeper, he kept his country in the game with some heroic saves, but eventually couldn't prevent the 2-1 defeat.


After the Comoros were kitted out with beautifully customized jerseys by French manufacturer Maana from 2016, the federation suddenly switched to the equally little-known outfitter "Eldera" - also from France - in 2019. Before deciding to simply copy Maana's last design 1:1, the Comoros briefly wore this jersey, which was clearly inspired by Nike.

The away jersey was only worn once: in a surprising 0-1 win against Togo. The quality of the shirt is very basic: simple fabric with sublimated details and numbers. The only thing that makes this jersey special is its rarity - and the fact that it was worn by El Fardou Mohamed Ben Nabouhane, who often captained the team on the pitch during this period and from whom I received the shirt.

Comoros before their game against Togo in 2019...
...and after the game, celebrating their big win!

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