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Matchworn Jairo Arreola 12.07.21 SLV đŸ‡žđŸ‡» : GUA 🇬đŸ‡č 2-0

Manufacturer: Umbro

Source: Collector



Guatemala is not only a fantastic travel destination with incredibly friendly people and beautiful nature, but is also a regular participant in the North American Gold Cup. Of the 27 tournaments, the Guatemalans have qualified for the tournament 20 times and even won it in 1967. Since a fourth place finish in 1996, however, the team's successful time is over. Since then, the "Chapines" have never made it past the group stage. From 2016-18, the Guatemalan Football Association was even suspended by FIFA due to allegations of corruption, meaning they missed out on the 2017 and 2019 tournaments.

In 2021, they finally benefited from the cancellation of the Curaçao national team due to coronavirus, allowing them to take part in the Gold Cup at short notice.



Umbro has done an outstanding job with the 2019 Guatemala jerseys. Both the home and away kits boast a fantastic, high-quality design with plenty of details.

The iconic Guatemalan sash has been realized in a modern style, while the light blue sleeves feature thinly embossed stripes. As is usual with Umbro shirts from this generation, the cuffs feature the manufacturer's diamond logo - here very discreetly in a slightly lighter blue.

The shirt was worn by midfielder Jairo Arreola in the match against El Salvador during the 2021 Gold Cup. Although Umbro had already introduced new models, the old design was still used at the tournament due to Guatemala's last-minute re-nomination.

Guatemala before their Gold Cup match against El Salvador.

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