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Away 2015/16

Matchworn Baissama Sankoh 20.01.2015 CIV 🇹🇼 : GUI 🇬🇳 1-1 (2015 Africa Cup)

Manufacturer: Airness

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If Guinea would take part in a tournament solely consisting of all the other “Guineas” of the world – namely Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, and Papua New Guinea – “plain” Guinea would probably have good chances to win:

While never a participant of the World Cup, the country has regularly qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations and usually managed to advance past the group stages.

In the 2015 iteration of tournament, it took quite a bit of luck for Guinea to make it to the round-of-16. After three draws in their group matches and a balanced goal difference, both Mali and Guinea finished level on the second spot, making a dreaded drawing of lots needed to determine which team would advance to the knockout stages. While Guinea won the draw, they ultimately lost 0-3 against Ghana.


Football shirts are great (well, obviously
), matchworn football shirts are better and matchworn football shirts from big tournaments are the best!

Coming from the very tournament mentioned above, the jersey was worn by Guinean midfielder Baissama Sankoh when his team faced Cîte d’Ivoire in their first match of the tournament.

The modern design by French manufacturer Airness comes with stripes of the country’s national colors on the chest and thinner stripes below. It features the AFCON 2015 tournament badges as well as appropriate “battle-scars” in the form of dirt stains all over the shirt.

Baissama Sankoh wearing my shirt in Guinea's first game in the 2015 Africa Cup against CĂŽte d'Ivoire.

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