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Away 2015

Matchworn by LeocĂ­sio Sami 13.06.15 ZMB 🇿đŸ‡Č : GNB đŸ‡ŹđŸ‡Œ 0-0

Manufacturer: Macron

Source: eBay



With all those Guineas and Guianas interspersed throughout the globe, it can be difficult to keep track. While its bigger neighbor Guinea – formerly French Guinea (not to be confused with French Guiana) – obviously is influenced by the French, Guinea-Bissau, named after its capital of the same name, is one of the six lusophone countries in Africa.

Unsurprisingly, this means that the Bissau-Guinean squad is mostly made up of Portuguese-based players. After 2015, the team has developed quite a bit and with this year’s second place in their qualification group, they’ve managed to gain a spot in the Africa Cup of Nations for the third consecutive time. Astonishingly, Guinea-Bissau’s national team climbed to an impressive 26th spot in the FIFA raking for a short time in 2016.


I love weird one-off shirts and this one is no exception. Coming from forward Leocísio Sami, who also signed it, the shirt was only used a single time when the “Djurtus” (an African wild dog) faced Zambia in 2015 in an unspectacular 0-0 draw. Made by Italian manufacturer Macron, the shirt is kept in a pale mustard yellow with grey details and has a kind of antiquated design, which I absolutely love. It features some nice quality numbers and an embroidered badge, which is always a welcome bonus.

Guinea-Bissau playing Zambia in 2015. The only game that the team ever wore this shirt.

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Leonardo Prebianca
Leonardo Prebianca
Feb 15, 2022

Who owns it pls contat me at I'm interested into buying

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