Away 2015

Matchworn by Leoc├şsio Sami 13.06.15 ZMB ­čç┐­čç▓ : GNB ­čçČ­čç╝ 0-0

Manufacturer: Macron

Source: eBay


With all those Guineas and Guianas interspersed throughout the globe, it can be difficult to keep track. While its bigger neighbor Guinea ÔÇô formerly French Guinea (not to be confused with French Guiana) ÔÇô obviously is influenced by the French, Guinea-Bissau, named after its capital of the same name, is one of the six lusophone countries in Africa.

Unsurprisingly, this means that the Bissau-Guinean squad is mostly made up of Portuguese-based players. After 2015, the team has developed quite a bit and with this yearÔÇÖs second place in their qualification group, theyÔÇÖve managed to gain a spot in the Africa Cup of Nations for the third consecutive time. Astonishingly, Guinea-BissauÔÇÖs national team climbed to an impressive 26th spot in the FIFA raking for a short time in 2016.


I love weird one-off shirts and this one is no exception. Coming from forward Leoc├şsio Sami, who also signed it, the shirt was only used a single time when the ÔÇťDjurtusÔÇŁ (an African wild dog) faced Zambia in 2015 in an unspectacular 0-0 draw. Made by Italian manufacturer Macron, the shirt is kept in a pale mustard yellow with grey details and has a kind of antiquated design, which I absolutely love. It features some nice quality numbers and an embroidered badge, which is always a welcome bonus.

Guinea-Bissau playing Zambia in 2015. The only game that the team ever wore this shirt.

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