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Manufacturer: Diadora

Source: eBay


Let’s face it: you didn‘t click this link to get educated about Italian football. Since I am someone who is mainly interested in the smaller FIFA nations and who would rather watch a game between Equatorial Guinea and Andorra than Italy vs. Brazil, you probably know more about Italian football history than I do, anyway.

So, let’s cut to the chase and talk about the important stuff: Italy’s beautiful 1993/94 jersey by Diadora.

In my mind, Italy jerseys have always been blue and boring. While I still think this is mostly true, there are a few exceptions.

Interestingly, until 1995 the team didn’t display the manufacturer logos on their respective shirts, which is why the only evidence of Diadora’s involvement is the tiny lettering on the neck label.

Kept exclusively in “azzuro”, the shirt’s main feature is the prominent use of Italy’s federation badge all over the shirt, as well as the small triangles on the collar and cuffs.

Famously worn during the 1994 World Cup, where Italy managed to advance to the finals against Brazil, it also bears some sad memories for Italian fans:

Following a goalless draw after 120 minutes, it was Italy’s superstar Roberto Baggio who sent the ball towards the clear American sky during the penalty shootout, thus crowning Brazil world champions.

After Italy’s successful 2021 EURO campaign, I was surprised to find this beauty for a great price on German eBay, given that some sellers are already demanding ridiculous prices for it…

When men were allowed to wear pony tails: Roberto Baggio after missing the deciding penalty in the 1994 World Cup final against Brazil.

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