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Matchworn Johnstone Omurwa 16.11.2023 GAB 🇬🇩 : KEN 🇰đŸ‡Ș 2-1

Manufacturer: Uhlsport

Source: Collector



Even though Kenya is one of the most important countries in Africa in terms of tourism, the footballing successes of the East African country are negligible.

Although they have qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations six times, the "Harambee Stars" have always been eliminated at the group stage.

From 2004 to 2006, the team was also suspended by FIFA due to allegations of corruption and government interference in the football business. In 2023, there was another scandal when a total of 14 players from the country were suspended due to match-fixing.



Despite having over a million tourists visiting the country every year, only a few authentic Kenya jerseys make it to Europe each year. Instead, the online marketplaces are full of fakes and fan shirts that are sold as souvenirs to unsuspecting tourists at markets.

Until now, the Harambee Stars jerseys were not particularly spectacular either: boring Adidas or Joma templates were predominant before they signed an outfitter contract with Mafro in 2017 and received a stylish design as a result. However, this was only used once before the team finally switched to German manufacturer Uhlsport. The latter immediately delivered an iconic design that incorporated many details typical of the country:

At the center of the jersey is a large Maasai shield with the two spears, which can also be found on the national flag. Another design element is the color gradient from red to white that extends across the jersey. The Kenyan flag can also be found on the shoulders and the hem of the sleeves. The Kenyans seem to like the jersey so much that the national team has been wearing it for over seven years now. A few small changes have been made over the years. Where the national team crest was previously only ironed on, it is now embroidered. The style of the numbers has also changed several times.

My jersey was worn by defender Johnstone Omurwa, who earns his money with Portuguese first division club CF Estrela, in the game against Gabon.

I had been after this jersey for a long time and had already placed an order (including payment) with the Kenyan kit manager. However, he decided to keep the money and break off all contact. However, one has now finally found its way into my collection.


Kenya wearing the shirt against Gabon in 2023

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