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Away 1991/93

Matchworn Thomas Wolf 08.09.1993 ISL 🇼🇾 : LUX đŸ‡±đŸ‡ș 1-0

Manufacturer: Adidas

Source: Collector



Luxembourg is known in Germany mainly as the country where people from the West go to get cheap gas, cigarettes and coffee. Despite its tiny size, the Grand Duchy is a powerful part and contributor to the European Union – something that cannot necessarily be said about Luxembourg's footballing qualities. Despite having improved significantly in the last years and currently sitting at 92nd place in the FIFA rankings, Luxembourg’s national team has yet to qualify for any major tournament. The biggest success of the small football nation was certainly the promotion to League C of the 2020 Nations League and the surprising second place in their group, just two points behind Turkey.


There is something about those old Adidas trefoil shirts. Although the template was used by quite a few different national teams, it seems that every country received a slightly different version. While the Faroe Islands got an almost identical jersey with sewn-on stripes, the Luxembourg version is sublimated. It does contain a really nice embroidered badge and has preserved some thirty year old mud stains that stem from the country’s 1993 match against Iceland, where defender Thomas Wolf wore this very shirt.

The jersey originates from former Iceland player Kristjan Jonsson’s private collection, but unfortunately did not include a certificate of authenticity. Given that the shirt evidently has not been washed, a DNA test should also do, to confirm its genuineness.

Luxembourg wearing the shirt in 1992.

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