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Matchworn Ceri Evans 30.05. – 03.06.1992 NZL 🇳🇿 : Werder Bremen đŸ‡©đŸ‡Ș

Manufacturer: Pony

Source: Former Werder Bremen player



Elves, hobbits, dwarves - for me it’s all the same
 That New Zealand has more to offer than a backdrop for fantasy films is not necessarily underlined by the footballing achievements of the national team. In contrast to their popular rugby citizens, the "All blacks," the "All whites" are not exactly among the world's soccer elite. Since Australia left the Oceania Football Confederation to compete with stronger opponents in the Asian confederation, New Zealand has remained in the OFC to compete against football powerhouses such as Fiji, Cook Islands and New Caledonia. Despite the supposedly easy opponents, New Zealand does not sweep every team out of the stadium by double digits, as shown by the OFC Nations Cup 2012, where the team only finished third and was eliminated in the semifinals by the Solomon Islands. The national team's greatest successes are undoubtedly the two participations in the World Cup in 1982 and 2010, where they were both times eliminated in the group stages.


Calling a national team the "All Whites" has a somewhat racist connotation....

And despite the name, the national team does not enter the field completely white, as the second color of New Zealand’s jerseys is traditionally black.

This shirt from the American manufacturer Pony is extremely rare and was worn only in a few games. Three of them were all friendly matches, played against Bundesliga team Werder Bremen within the framework of the 1992 “Winfield Cup”.

It is also a former player of Werder Bremen to whom I owe this jersey: Uli "the Axe" Borowka – a former German international who was notorious for his rough play! He was kind enough to give me this jersey as well as a few other treasures from his collection and also wrote a little letter certifying their authenticity.

Thanks to a program booklet for he "Winfield Cup", I was able to find out that the jersey was worn by Ceri Evans, who now works as a well-known psychiatrist in his home country.

New Zealand using the same shirt in a match against English club Tranmere Rovers.
The squad list from the 1992 Winfield Cup programme booklet.

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