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Manufacturer: JAKO

Source: Macedonia Footall Association


Macedonia had something of an identity crisis since its independence in 1991, causing the country to change its name rather frequently. A longstanding dispute with Greece over the name “Macedonia” forced the country to eventually change its name to “North Macedonia”.

This change of name prompts a few questions:

Since there is a North and South Korea, a North and a South Dakota, a North and a South pole and a North and a South America, where is South Macedonia? In Northern Greece?

As the country was known as the “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, can we now refer to it as “the former former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”?

The question of (North) Macedonia’s biggest footballing achievement, however, can be answered very easily:

After beating Georgia in the 202(1) EURO play-offs, thanks to a goal from Macedonian legend Goran Pandev, the country was able to qualify for a major tournament for the first time in their history.


JAKO doesn't really have the best reputation for their football shirts. Boring, uninspired and cheap are among the adjectives that usually come up when JAKO shirts are discussed. And it's easy to see why, when you just have a look at their horrible Yemen shirt.

Alongside JAKO's fantastic Moldova shirts, Macedonia's kit is surely among their best efforts. A stylized sun and a shimmering plastic badge give the shirt a modern look, that perfectly represents the country.

As of 2021, Macedonia have been wearing this model for five years, making it one of the longest used international shirts ever. It's not known, if the team just loves the design or if the federation is just afraid to get one of those dreadful JAKO shirts, when they receive a new kit...

Macedonia attempting to do a human pyramid.

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