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Matchworn/matchprepared (player and game unknown)

Manufacturer: Hummel

Source: Collector



The Spanish word „sierra“ translates both to “mountain range” and “saw”. While I’m pretty sure the Portuguese explorers didn’t have the latter in mind, when they dubbed the country “Sierra Leone”, the name “Lion mountains” is still pretty badass!

Not nearly as badass as its name is the country’s football team. Currently ranked quite in the center of the FIFA table, the country’s biggest successes so far are three participations in the African Cup, the most recent being in 2022, when the “Leone Stars” finished their group ahead of Algeria, but failed to advance to the Round of 16.


Although Sierra Leone is only an insignificant part of the global football world, the 2010 home jersey of the "Leone Stars" from the Danish manufacturer "Hummel" gained quite a bit of fame. The wild design with the mountains (sierra), the mountain lion (león), the scratch marks – which are actually cut into the jersey – and the striking color choice split the jersey world into two camps. While it was in some lists as one of the ugliest jerseys of all time, others considered it one of the best designs ever.

What is certain is that this shirt belongs in every jersey collection. Thanks to the well-known manufacturer, the shirt was easy to acquire in its time. However, getting an actual worn jersey from the small African country is another story. This jersey came from a collector who received it from an employee of the Sierra Leone Football Federation. It was probably worn in a match, or at least prepared for it.

Sierra Leone entering the pich in their controversial Hummel shirts.

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