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Goalkeeper 2010/12

Matchworn or matchprepared Adel Nefzi

Manufacturer: Puma

Source: eBay


Saying a certain jersey „looks like crap“ is usually referring to a bad design.

Based on the popular 2010 Puma shirts, this Tunisia goalkeeper shirt evokes said association with its unusual color palette: From light diarrhea ochre to dark post-constipation brown, the shirt covers the whole fecal spectrum and certainly brings back memories of the aftermath of eating a suspicious plate of meat while on vacation in Tunisia ten years ago…

The majority of the shirt is kept in plain brown, yet the right sleeve boasts what can only be described as skid marks or the result of a two-year-old getting creative with his/her own excretions.

Needless to say, this rather controversial shirt was rarely used by the national team. But rather than being “dumped”, the “Eagles of Carthage”, who rank among Africa’s most successful teams, chose to wear this design when they won the African Nations Championship, also known as “CHAN”, in 2011.

My shirt was either worn by or issued for Adel Nefzi, who, despite wearing the number 1, was Tunisia’s number two (haha, get it?) for most of his career. As the team wore their numbers on the shoulder slash during the 2011 CHAN and not in the center, my shirt was probably used in a game prior to the tournament.

If there is such a thing as a “highlight” of this shirt, it’s certainly the “painted” number style, which admittedly also features some questionable brown stains…

While many may think this shirt literally looks like diarrhea, I think it’s pretty solid (😉).

Tunisia's goalkeepers celebrating the 2011 CHAN

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