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Manufacturer: Hummel

Source: eBay


Despite only being used in a small four-team tournament, called the “Four Nations Castle Lager Cup”, that took place in Kenya in 2000, Hummel’s eye-catching Uganda shirt is often ranked among the best international shirts ever among collectors.

Given it’s striking design, that features Uganda’s national colors as well as the three iconic cranes (more precise: grey crowned cranes), Uganda’s national animal (obviously…) and also the team’s nickname, it’s no surprise that this piece of polyester has become a mandatory addition for any collector’s wardrobe.

In spite of having one of the best international football shirts ever, Uganda’s footballing success is not quite on the same level. The team has managed to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations seven times, with their most successful appearance being a second place back in 1978. More recent achievements are winning the CECAFA Cup in 1995 as well as the “Four Nations Castle Lager Cup” in the very year they wore this magnificent shirt, making the year 2000 they most successful year, in football, as well as in fashion.

Uganda during the 2000 Four Nations Castle Lager Cup, which they eventually won.

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