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Matchworn Reid Klopp (various games)

Manufacturer: Squadra

Source: Collector



Despite their name and the fact that there is one depicted on their badge, the US Virgin Island football team is not nicknamed “the Blue Balls”, but rather “the Dashing Eagles”.

Matching their name, the American territory of roughly 90,000 inhabitants also shows its innocence on the football (or in their case “soccer”) pitch: in 63 games, the USVI only managed to win eight – three of those against their European neighbor “The British Blue-Balls” eeeh “British Virgin Islands”(BVI) . Consequently, the team usually ranks among the worst teams in world, except for a short ascent to the 149th place after beating the BVI twice in a row in 2011.


I’m a huge fan of yellow and blue shirts and this one is no exception. Made by Italian American brand “Squadra”, the shirt with its wide cut and stiff collar evokes memories of the 90’s. The shirt comes in vibrant colors and features embroidered federation and manufacturer badges.

I received it from French collector Yannis, who agreed to include this beauty in a swap.

It was probably worn in various matches in 2011 by different players. After a bit of research, I was able to find out, that USVI striker Reid Klopp usually used the #11, so it was presumably also worn by him.

The US Virgin Islands during the "Fight of the Virgins" against the British Virgin Islands.

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