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Away 1999

Matchworn/prepared (player unknown) Continental Cup 1999 in Belo Horizonte

Manufacturer: Adidas

Source: Collector


There are sometimes strange match pairings in international football. While people in Germany were recently surprised to see Borussia Dortmund face the Vietnamese national team in a test match – which the Southeast Asian country actually managed to win – this was certainly not Vietnam's most unusual opponent. Back in 1999, the team traveled to Brazil to participate in the Three Continents Cup (or Continental Cup). In addition to Atlético Mineiro, Ajax Amsterdam was also one of the opponents of the Vietnamese. This jersey comes from Belo Horizonte, the venue of this tournament. It is a lemon yellow away jersey which was intended for use in the tournament, but apparently was not worn. A version of the shirt with the Vietnamese flag instead of the national emblem was used before, however.

The simple design has vertical stripes made of tiny holes, a classic red collar and a yellow tinted badge. The red numbers are printed directly on the jersey. Even if it was probably not worn, it is an ultra rare jersey of which probably only a handful exist.

Vietnam wearing the red home shirt during the Continental Cup 1999...
...and wearing the same shirt with a flag instead of the federation badge.

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