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Matchprepared Alois Bunjira (2004 Africa Cup)

Manufacturer: L-Sporto

Source: Collector



Most people probably associate Zimbabwe with former dictator Robert Mugabe, who was "replaced" in 2017 by a president who was also not democratically elected...

In football terms, only the British will presumably remember former Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar, who represented the former British colony (then still Rhodesia) between the posts.

After almost qualifying for the World Cup in 1994, two FIFA suspensions followed in 2015 and 2022, the last of which still stands today.


Made by Italian manufacturer L-Sporto, the shirt comes with a huge striped collar, as well as the Zimbabwean national flag and the crest of the football association.

It stems from a former employee of the national team and bears the name of Alois Bunjira on the back. The small patch from the Africa Cup 2004 on the right sleeve, indicates that it was intended for this very tournament. In fact, this yellow away jersey was worn at the Africa Cup, but with numbers on the front. The fact that the other jerseys used during the tournament did not have front numbers and that Bunjira apparently only sat on the bench during the tournament indicate that it was indeed prepared for a match.

There also was a small "scandal" at the cup, when the Tunisian organizers played an old national anthem instead of the latest one, which Zimbabwe's education minister considered "a cheap attempt by the organizers to demoralise our boys".

The team eventually finished the tournament with one win and two defeats as last in their group…

Zimbabwe during the 2004 Africa Cup.

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