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Away 2020/21

Matchworn by Moi San NicolĂĄs 14.11.20 MLT đŸ‡ČđŸ‡č : AND đŸ‡ŠđŸ‡© 3-1

Manufacturer: Macron

Source: GolSolidari



I’ve already written about Andorra‘s rather unsuccessful 2019/20 Nations League campaign, where the team finished bottom last of the tournament.

On the fashion table, however, Andorra securely nailed down one, if not the top spot!

After the pretty boring white predecessor, Macron has gone all in for their last Andorra shirt, before ErreĂĄ takes over the UEFA kit scheme in 2022!

For the first time since the beautiful 2016 Adidas design, Andorra’s national teams blooms in a bright yellow with a red and blue stripe, reminiscent of the Andorran flag, framing the FA badge.

The shirt was worn by right-back MoisĂ©s “Moi” San NicolĂĄs in their away game against Malta, where Andorra failed to protect their 1-0 lead to the final whistle and ultimately lost 3-1.

But hey! At least they looked great!

Andorra before their game against Latvia.
Moi San NicolĂĄs wearing my shirt during Andorra's 1-3 loss against Malta.

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