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Matchprepared for Odmar Færø 07.10.2017 FRO 🇫🇴 : LAT 🇱🇻 0-0

Manufacturer: Adidas

Source: Collector


I’ve ranted about Adidas‘ take on the UEFA Kit Scheme – which was established to provide the smaller European nations with proper football kits – a bunch of times.

While Macron, who are in charge of the kit scheme at the moment, manage to provide amazing individually tailored shirts for Andorra, Armenia, Belarus, Cyprus, the Faroe Islands, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and San Marino, Adidas’ approach was lackluster, to say the least. The pinnacle of their sluggishness was reached in 2016, when Adidas decided to equip Armenia, the Faroe Islands, Luxembourg, and San Marino with exactly the same boring white and blue template (see picture below), not even matching the national colors of most of those teams. With Armenia, Luxembourg and San Marino opting for white numbers and thus, making their kits almost indistinguishable from one another, the Faroe Islands gladly decided to “spice things up” a bit by adding red numbers on their shirts. Despite not being particularly easy to read from afar, they at least provide some individuality. Paired with the match details, the usual UEFA patches on the sleeves and the embroidered badge, it results in a decent shirt, altogether.

The shirt was issued for defender Odmar Færø for a EURO qualifying match against Latvia in 2017, which ended in a goalless draw. Unfortunately, Færø did not play the match, however, the shirt still shows some signs (wow, four s-words in a row, what an alliteration!) of usage.

San Marino, Luxembourg and Armenia also wearing the same kit. Thanks Adidas...
The Faroe Islands during their 0-0 against Latvia in 2017.

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