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Away 1994/96

Matchworn Temur Ketsbaia (game unknown)

Manufacturer: Adidas

Source: Collector



I've already written extensively about Georgian football in the posts about my other Georgia shirts. Click here to learn more about the invasion of Georgian footballers in the Bundesliga, or the fact that searching for Georgia jerseys on the English-speaking internet is a pain in the butt.


This design brings back strong memories of my first seasons as a football fan: being quite a popular shirt template in the mid 90’s with Bundesliga clubs Hamburger SV and even the German national team using it, it still stands out as one of the most iconic Adidas shirts of the 90’s.

How do I know that this plain red Adidas shirt without a badge is actually a genuine Georgia template? While I’ve seen quite a few of these shirts offered as authentic Georgia jerseys, I’ve always been doubtful. This particular shirt comes from a Manchester City shirt collector with good connections to the club - a club which has been home to many Georgian players over the years. The shirt itself was worn by former Newcastle player Temur Ketsbaia, who is especially known for celebrating one his goals by throwing away his shirt and kicking an advertising board to shreds.

Georgia when they played against Germany in 1995

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