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Matchworn Giorgi Nemsadze 10.09.2003 ALB đŸ‡ŠđŸ‡± : GEO 🇬đŸ‡Ș 3-1

Manufacturer: Lotto

Source: eBay



I've already written extensively about Georgian football in the posts about my other Georgia shirts. Click here to learn more about the invasion of Georgian footballers in the Bundesliga, or the fact that searching for Georgia jerseys on the English-speaking internet is a pain in the butt.


Yes, this is not a spectacular design by any means, but it’s the inner values that count – well, all the other values besides the plain and boring design

Above all: the badge, which again shows that Georgia might have (had) the best badges in international football! Furthermore, this shirt is pretty rare, as the national team only used this model on three occasions. One of these occasions was the country’s EURO qualifying game in 2003, where the “Jvarosnebi” (“The Crusaders”) lost 3-1 against Albania and where Georgian midfielder Giorgi Nemsadze wore my very shirt.

Despite the lack of color, this remains a fantastic addition to my growing old-Georgia-jersey-collection.

Georgia celebrating their goal against Albania in 2003.

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